Q- How do i know know if i am in need of a repipe?

A-  All leaks are Locatable and Repairable. However if you have two or more leaks A Repipe should  be considered .    Some leaks that occur  may be damaging to tile , marble , or cabinets, Rerouting or repiping eliminates unnecessary damage to your home.
Q- What is a repipe?

A-  A repipe is the process of removing existing leaking or old water lines and installing new water lines in their place. Usually the new water lines are installed in the attic.
Q- How long does a repipe usually take?

A- On average a repipe takes 1 to 2 days to complete depending on the size of the home and fixture count / Fixture location.
Q- Do i have to leave my home while its being repiped?

A- No ! We encourage the home owners to see first hand the workmanship and techniques being used in their new water system. However your home will be safe in our hands should you decide to be elsewhere during the process.
Q- How much does a repipe usually cost?

A-There are multiple factors in determining the price of  a repipe . I.E ... Square footage , fixture locations and number of fixtures and other variables. The plumber will generally give you a minimum and a maximum price range. All houses differ.
Q- What kind of pipe will replace my old copper or galvanized pipe?

A- We use a product called C.P.V.C . This product has proven itself for over 30 years and is resistant to alot of the problems associated with other repiping products. C.P.V.C pipe handles hot and cold water at extreme pressures. it is non corrosive, quiet, and does not require the use of mechanical fittings such as other tubing products
Q- Will i be without water during my repipe?

A- Our goal is to make this process as pleasant as possible for you. We will keep your water on and usable as long as possible, But your water will need to be off  while final connections are made.
Q- Will there be holes in my walls?

A- Some situations require the cutting of drywall. Once the pipes are installed and pressure tested the drywall will be patched and textured by our technicians. Painting can be discussed and arranged if necessary or requested .
Q- Can i request other plumbing issues be taken care of during my Repipe?

A- Of course you can . Often this is a great time to update your water heater, shower valves, faucets, and even your toilets . It is generally less expensive to do these upgrades at this time.
Q-  What are my payment options?

A- Cash, check , master cards, Visa are all viable payment options.
Q- Can i make payments on my repipe?

A- Yes you can with credit approval.